Hi I'm Nikki!

As someone who has been a graphic designer and who has always loved photography; it's amazing that it took more than 35 years for me to pursue it seriously.

In my late teens and early 20s I found myself in many magazines as a hair model. During the same time, I pursued becoming a makeup artist and would become the photographer's second set of eyes while working photo shoots. In my mid and late 30s, after discovering fitness, I've pursued bodybuilding professionally. All of this to say, in the last two decades, I have found myself in front of the lens and behind the scenes of photo shoots quite often. 

From taking selfies and cat pictures in the '80s and waiting weeks for my parents to develop the film, to the instant gratification of Polaroids and iPhones of present day-- I've been there, capturing moments. The years spent in front of the lens help educate me on what angles, body positioning, and expressions create great images. I immersed myself in photography lessons learning lighting techniques, composition and the technical details of my cameras. 

Now.... combining my experience, creativity, education and my gear, I am ready to share my work with you.

Thank you for stopping by!