Mixology Monday With The Leveretts - Pineapple Campari Cocktail

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Continuing with the theme of light and airy drinks for spring, we introduce this low alcohol sip of pineapple, Campari and vermouth. Campari has a bitter taste so feel free to swap with Aperol for something a little sweeter. We hope you enjoy! As always, if you make any of our drinks, take a picture and share them with us online! Instagram ---> @staynfocusimages 

This recipe makes 1 drink. Let's get started!


Here's what you need:

For Garnish
1 Dehydrated Pineapple Slice 

Mint Bunch (optional)

For Drink
3 oz. Fresh Pineapple Juice
1 oz. Campari 
.75 oz. Dry Vermouth 
2-3 Dashes Bitters (We Used Ginger Flavored Bitters by Hella) 


You'll also need a rocks tumbler, shaker cup, ice and strainer. We also used a shaker ball to amp up the froth.


Let's Make the Drink:

  1.  In your shaker cup add all ingredients:

    • Shaker Ball (optional)

    • Fresh Pineapple Juice (3 oz.)

    • Campari (1 oz.)

    • Vermouth (.75 oz.)

    • Bitters (2-3 dashes)

    • Ice

  2. Shake Vigorously

  3. Strain into tumbler

  4. Garnish with dehydrated pineapple slice and mint bunch

  5. Enjoy!!

      Mixology Monday - Pineapple Campari

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"April comes like an idiot, babbling and strewing flowers."

- Edna St. Vincent Millay



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