Mixology Monday With The Leveretts - The Smoke

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You don't want this smoke.... ok maybe you do!

Hey there! Today we're sharing a cocktail made with Vodka from our home state NJ! Bone Black Vodka is made in small batches at All Points West Distillery in the Ironbound district of Newark. We added actual smoke along with Fire Tincture from Scrappy Bitters. This drink has all of my favorite things, sage, thyme, lemon and smoke. We hope you enjoy! As always, if you make any of our drinks, take a picture and share them with us online! Instagram ---> @ staynfocusimages

Learn More about Bone Black/ All Points West Distillery: Click Here
Learn More about Scrappy Bitters: Click Here


This makes 1 drink! Let's get started!


Here's what you need:

For Garnish
Charred Slice of Lemon
Sprig of Thyme

For Drink
2 oz. Vodka
3-5 Drops Scrappy Bitters Fire Tincture
1 oz. Fresh (Charred) Lemon Juice ** See Steps Below
3/4oz. Simple Syrup
3-5 Sage Leaves
3-5 Sprigs of  Thyme

You will also need 1 rocks tumbler, a mixing glass, strainer, fine mesh strainer, muddler, bar spoon, smoker or flame resistant surface and ice.




Let's Prep the Lemon!

  1. Cut your lemon in half.

  2. Cut one slice from one of your lemon halves

  3. Char everything; we used a grill pan on the stove.

  4. Juice both halves and set slice aside for the garnish.


Let's Make the Drink!

  1. Let's smoke our glass first

    • With your smoker in your tumbler or on flame resistant surface burn some sage and thyme then flip your glass on top of it.

    • Set Aside.

  2. In a separate mixing glass add:

    • Few sage leaves

    • Several sprigs thyme

    • Simple Syrup (3/4 oz.)

    • Charred Lemon Juice (1 oz.)

  3. Muddle

  4. Add remining ingredients to mixing glass:

    • Vodka (2 oz.)

    • Fire Tincture (3-5 drops)

    • Ice

  5. Stir to chill

  6. To your smoked glass, add a block of ice (we use our ice designer tray to make it *fancy*)

  7. Double strain cocktail over ice

  8. Garnish with thyme and charred lemon slice.

  9. Enjoy!


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"In a world of smoke and ashes, you are milk and honey."




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