Mixology Monday With The Leveretts - Boozy Hot Chocolate

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Hey hey,

If you find yourself on the naughty list this year, you might want to make note of this recipe. I personally guarantee if you leave this out for Santa, he  will have to add you to the "nice" list... or heck, he may forget he had any lists to begin with! Don't forget to make one of these decadent treats for yourself... the Christmas tree and fireplace aren't the only things getting lit this week! We hope you enjoy! As always, if you make any of our drinks, take a picture and share them with us online! Instagram ---> @ staynfocusimages

This makes 2-4 drinks (depending on size of your mugs). Let's get started!


Here's what you need:

For Drink
3 Cups Whole Milk
6 oz. Heavy Cream
2 oz. Amaretto
6oz. Bourbon
1 Orange
1 Cinnamon Stick
1tsp. Vanilla Extract
6 oz. Semi Sweet Chocolate
2 oz. Orange Dark Chocolate
Whipped Cream


You will also need, 2 medium-large sauce pans, large stirring spoon, colander/strainer, citrus zester and  heat safe mugs. 


Let's Make the Drink!

  1. Zest orange and break chocolate into small chunks and set aside.
    • Set aside some smaller shavings/chunks for the garnish.
  2. In large sauce pan add milk, cinnamon, orange zest, and vanilla extract.
  3. Heat on the lowest setting for 5 to 10 minutes. [Note: You do not want to cook or scorch the milk, only warm it.]
  4. Stir in your chocolates and continue to heat until melted to an even consistency. 
  5. Stir in your Bourbon (6oz.) and Amaretto (2oz.)
  6.  Heat for an additional 2 to 5 minutes. (Note: the longer you heat your alcohol the more it will burn off. So, you do not want to leave it on heat for very long.)
  7. Strain into second saucepan to remove orange zest and cinnamon.
  8. Pour into your mugs.
  9. Top w/ whipped cream and extra chocolate pieces or shavings.
  10. Find somewhere cozy to sit.
  11. Enjoy!!

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"Hot chocolate is like a hug from the inside."




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