Mixology Monday With The Leveretts - Blue Milk of Tatooine

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Hey Hey,

Today, May 4th, we are honoring Star Wars Day with a treat from Tatooine. We understand you likely will not have a bantha nearby (unless maybe you're friends with a Jawa)... so, we've made some modifications! Whether you pledge allegiance to the First Order, the Resistance, Empire, or are simply just a piece of Rebel scum; this treat will serve you well, like Luke's R2D2 & C3PO. May the Fourth (and Force) be with you always!. We hope you enjoy. As always, if you make any of our drinks, take a picture and share them with us online! Instagram ---> @ staynfocusimages

This recipe makes 2 drinks. Let's get started!


Here's what you need:

For Drink
4 oz. Gin
2 oz. Coconut Cream 
1 oz. Blue Curaçao
1 oz. Vanilla Syrup (click here)
1 oz. DiSarono

1.5 oz. Pineapple Juice
1.5 oz. Lime Juice 
Ice Cubes
2 Rocks Tumblers

You'll also need a  Shaker Cup, Bar Spoon and Strainer. 


Let's Make the Drink!

  1. In a mixing glass add:

    • Gin (4 oz)
    • Coconut Cream (2 oz)
    • Blue Curaçao (1oz)
    • Vanilla Syrup (1 oz)
    • DiSarono (1 oz)
    • Pineapple Juice (1.5 oz)
    • Lime Juice (1.5 oz)
  2. Stir Gently
  3. Add ice to your shaker cup
  4. Pour drink mixture into your shaker cup
  5. Shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds
  6. Strain evenly between two glasses.
  7. Enjoy with your favorite Wookie!

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“In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.”
-Yoda, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith




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