Mixology Monday With The Leveretts - Pomegranate Mimosa

May 16, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Hey There,

In case you didn't know, today, May 16th is National Mimosa Day.... so we had to oblige! This brunch staple is typically made with orange juice and champagne; we chose to be a little different and add pomegranate liqueur and use Prosecco which is Italian sparkling white wine instead of champagne. We hope you enjoy! As always, if you make any of our drinks, take a picture and share them with us online! Instagram ---> @ staynfocusimages

This makes 1 drink! Let's get started!


Here's what you need:

For Garnish
1 Orange Twist
Several tsp sugar and orange zest for rim of glass
~.5 oz. Lime Juice


For Drink
1 oz. Pomegranate Liqueur
3 oz. Orange Juice
~2 oz. Prosecco
Few Dashes of Bitters

You will also need, ice, strainer and champagne flutes.


Let's Make the Drink!

  1. Dip flute into lime juice then into sugar/orange zest mixture. Set aside.
  2. In mixing glass add:
    • Ice
    • Pomegranate Liqueur (1 oz.)
    • Orange Juice (3 oz.)
    • Few dashes of Bitters
  3. Stir gently
  4. Strain into flute.
  5. Top with Prosecco (~2 oz.)
  6. Enjoy!


Mixology Monday - Orange Pomergrante Mimosa_1 Click to Play!   




"Mimosas are a great source for Vitamin C"






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